Minutes of the 2nd Meeting of the Executive Committee of AITAA-B.

By November 16, 2023AIT News

The 2nd meeting of the Executive Committee of AIT Alumni Association-Bangladesh was held on 14 November, 2023 using Zoom platform.

The meeting was presided over by the President of the association Mr Abul Kashem Md Shirin. The following members were present in the meeting:

  1. Prof Dr Md Kamal Uddin
  2.  Mr Emaduddin Ahmed
  3.  Mr Habibur Rahman
  4. Dr Md Moqbul Hussain
  5. Dr Nazrul Islam
  6.  Dr Md Golam Faruque
  7. Dr Md Abdur Razzaque Akanda
  8.  Mr Abdur Rahman Bhuiyan
  9.  Dr Ashraful Alam
  10. Mr Md Afzal Jamil
  11. Ms Tasnuva Ahmed

The following agenda were discussed in the meeting and the resolutions are as follows:

1/ Providing shortfall amount of contribution to the AIT for renovation of a room of Dorm-F from the AITAA Bangladesh Chapter

The Member-Secretary informed that a total of Baht 2 lac (Taka 6 lac) is required to be donated for the above purpose. The amount will be handed over to the AIT Administration in the upcoming GBM which will be held on 25 November, 2023 through our two delegates Prof Dr Kamal Uddin and Ms Tasnuva Ahmed. However so far only Taka 4,20,000/- has been collected which was donated  by different members of the Association. There is a shortfall of Taka 1,80,000/-.

The General Secretary requested opinion from the EC members pertaining to how this shortfall can be covered.

After a long discussion, the Committee decided to provide this shortfall amount from the Association’s fund which will be treated as LOAN. The Executive Committee will be responsible to collect this amount from EC/General members to repay this Loan.

2/ Publishing the name of the contributors to the AIT development fund for renovation of a room of Dorm-F in the Association’s website.

The above issue was discussed among the members present in the meeting. The members opined that the list of members and their contributed amount which was donated to the AIT development fund for renovation of a room of Dorm-F may be published in the Association’s website, association’s fb page and WhatsApp group to encourage other members to be engaged in future fundraising efforts, if any.

3/ Discussing the progress of assignments of various Sub-Committees;

a) Membership Sub-Committee

The members of the Membership Sub-Committee informed that they are yet to conduct any meeting. But they have enrolled a significant number of members in the WhatsApp group. Now they are trying to convert these WhatsApp members into the member of the Association.

They also informed that each of the new members will have to fill-up the membership form available in the website and pay the Annual Subscription of Taka 1,000/- (USD 25/-) to become a member of the Association.

However, Entry Fee of Taka 2,000/- (USD 50/-) will be waived if the applicant is enrolled by 30 June, 2024.

b) Members Engagement Sub-Committee:

The Convenor of the Members Engagement Sub-Committee Dr Md Abdur Razzaque Akanda informed that they will conduct their first meeting very shortly and discuss on the venue and various events to be conducted during next Jan/Feb, 2024 for the general members of the Association and their family members.

c) Social Media and Website Sub-Committee

The Convenor of the Social Media and Website Sub-Committee Dr Md Moqbul Hussain informed that although the Sub-Committee is yet to hold any formal meeting, they have updated the profile of the members of the Executive Committee. Password of each of the members has been created and communicated to each of them through email. The members using this password can perform the login process and modify their particulars.

The membership form has been simplified so that a new member can easily submit his information for approval of the President. The President can login using his password and approve a new member. The new member will automatically be added to the members list of the website.

4/ Misc

a) Dr Md Abdur Razzaque Akanda requested all the members of the Executive Committee to check the two WhatsApp groups for the EC members and the general members on regular basis so that they do not miss any important notification.

b) Ms Tasnuva Ahmed requested all members of the EC to notify using both WhatsApp group and email.

There being no agenda to discuss, the President concluded the meeting with vote of thanks to everyone attended the meeting.


Abul Kashem Md Shirin
President, AITAA, Bangladesh Chapter

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